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Senior Leadership

With a growing population and limited resources, energy and production costs are rising. Nevertheless, all consumers still want to enjoy delicious, healthy and varied foods at an affordable price. Innovation and progress are critical to us to meet these challenges. Thanks to our interdisciplinary knowledge, we ensure a skillset other companies lack.

We work every day to optimize the quality of our products through a vital exchange of science, research and technology. This carries into our agricultural sector as well as production. Consumer safety, environmentalism, and animal welfare determine our actions to help both our customers and the planet.

Dario Norberto Raggio is ASG’s CEO and has a wide range of experience in agriculture with a heavy emphasis on fish farming.

Valery Liske is ASG’s CFO with firsthand experience in the financial sector. He has worked for a variety of international banks.



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  • Phone: +1 732-246-2211
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